Lucas Piera
Business: Lens to Life
Location: Victoria Australia
Bio: I was very fortunate to have been born and raised on Phillip Island in southern Victoria, Australia. Having grown up in a small friendly community and being surrounded by beautiful beaches and the calming waves of the ocean, I have developed a very relaxed and laid back approach to life. My personality is largely reflected in my photographs. I try to capture the unprompted reactions and opt for a more candid style approach.

As a self taught photographer I pride myself in the experience that my clients receive rather than the technical aspects of the photography. I'm the first to admit I'm definitely not the best photographer out there but what I can guarantee is that I will do everything to ensure my clients feel relaxed and comfortable with me. This to me is essential as it then allows me to capture the unprompted reactions and emotions that my clients are looking for.

Interaction between the bride & groom is what it's all about in my eyes, so all I do is help that to happen to begin with and afterwards they hopefully forget I'm even there.

Our studio has come a long way from our beginning about 6 years ago to where we're at now. Determination and a intense thirst for learning something I'm really passionate about has been the keys to our success. Even though we are based in a small community, that hasn't deterred us, as we have now branched out somewhat with two offices in different locations. It's also encouraging to know some of our clients are now seeing my work online and booking us on the spot for destination weddings..... which I love!

Winning Photos
1st - Bride and Groom
First Place
Photo Date: January, 2008
Description: First Place
Rating: 93.09 in contest 'Bride and Groom'
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Entered Contests
Stellar Brides
Photo Date: April, 2007
Title: Nicky
Rating: 81.40 in contest 'Stellar Brides'
Contest Results
Family Time
Photo Date: November, 2007
Title: Kid
Rating: 78.24 in contest 'Family Time'
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