Gerald Pope
Business: Gerald Pope Photography
Location: Redmond WA United States
Bio: After shooting a few weddings for friends in 2005, Gerald and his wife Airika quickly fell in love with the excitement and energy of photographing weddings, and Gerald Pope Photography was born. “For us, nothing is more rewarding than creating something fresh, unique and beautiful. Our favorite part of the wedding day is collaborating with the bride and groom to transform even ordinary settings into something remarkable.”

They have quickly caught the attention of brides and grooms nationwide with their eye for composition, detail and the intuitive use of light in their imagery. Gerald & Airika are members of Modern Photographers and WPPI, and have recently been published in Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom, and the new eco-chic online wedding magazine, Seattle Style.

In addition to photographing weddings, Gerald is also the photographer for a local magazine in Seattle. He says, “I absolutely love my job there. I work with an extremely creative team, and they give me a lot of freedom to push my limits and experiment with new ideas. The experience I have gained there over the past two years has more than prepared me to handle the fast pace and difficult lighting situations we often face at weddings. There’s nothing like on the job training with a deadline to teach you how to do things right the first time!”


Winning Photos
1st - Stellar Brides
First Place
Photo Date: September, 2007
Title: Junkyard Bride
Description: First Place
Rating: 87.46 in contest 'Stellar Brides'
Contest Results
6th - Animals
Sixth Place
Photo Date: September, 2007
Title: Farm Girl
Description: Sixth Place
Rating: 83.45 in contest 'Animals'
Contest Results

Entered Contests
Photo Date: February, 2007
Title: Flip Flop
Rating: 85.02 in contest 'Prepared'
Contest Results
Stellar Brides
Photo Date: September, 2007
Title: Vintage Sky
Rating: 83.98 in contest 'Stellar Brides'
Contest Results
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