Contest Status: Published
Submissions Open: 3/1/08
Start Voting: 3/31/08
Voting Closed: 4/30/08

Here's a contest for all the cool details shots! They can be shots of rings, flowers, shoes, tables, or any Different styles and designs of электрический одноколесном велосипеде

Contest Winners
1st - Waiting
First Place
Photographer: Andrejka Hirschegger
Photo Date: September, 2006
Description: Wedding in Panzano, Italy
Rating: 91.14
2nd - rings & cala lilies
Second Place
Photographer: kjeld mahoney
Photo Date: February, 2008
Description: the rings with the bouquet
Rating: 89.73
3rd - Untitled
Third Place
Photographer: Heather Hopkins
Rating: 89.48
4th - Lord of the Rings
Fourth Place
Photographer: Bob Pattison
Photo Date: November, 2007
Rating: 88.42
5th - Shadow Love
Fifth Place
Photographer: Loren Scott
Photo Date: November, 2006
Description: Natural light. The sunlight entering through a nearby window casts the heart-shaped shadows of the rings in the crease of the Bible.
Rating: 87.02
6th - Just a Dress
Sixth Place
Photographer: Paul Deverill
Photo Date: October, 2007
Description: Dress waiting for the Bride
Rating: 86.59
7th - Untitled
Seventh Place
Photographer: Chris Ferenzi
Rating: 86.31
8th - Untitled
Eighth Place
Photographer: Jen Wood
Photo Date: 2007
Rating: 84.81
9th - Mollies Shoes
Ninth Place
Photographer: Misty Hopper
Photo Date: July, 2007
Rating: 84.52
10th - Untitled
Tenth Place
Photographer: Chris Ferenzi
Rating: 84.15
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